Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sunday Kind of Love - The Four Seasons

My Mother's Eyes by Frankie Valli (Valley, Vally)

You're the Apple of My Eye --The Four Seasons 1960 & The Four Lovers 195...

THE FOUR LOVERS "Be Lovey Dovey" Deutsche R C A 1956 Frank...

The Four Lovers-The Girl In My Dreams

Four Lovers - Honey Love

The Four Lovers - Memories of you

THE FOUR LOVERS "Baby Please Don`t Go" Frankie Valli ...

Frankie Valli and The Romans - Real - Very Rare Doo Wop

Diana Ross & Supremes - He's Seventeen """RARE"""

Very Rare Doo Wop - Never Again - The Supremes (early)

Rare doo wop - You and I - The Originals

Beautiful Rare Doo Wop Ballad- Citations -The Girl Next Door

Demensions -- Again

The Aquatones - "You"

The Applejacks-Three Little Words

The Applejacks-You're The One

The Applejacks-Baby Jane

The Applejacks - I go to sleep

Yellow rainbow-The Rockin' Berries

The Rockin' Berries-I Didn't Mean To Hurt You

The Rockin' Berries , Itty Bitty Pieces

The Rockin' Berries - You're My Girl